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I recently enrolled my child at Mt. Zion Tennis Academy and one of the first things I noticed was the close relationship between the coaches, players, and parents. It is a really tight-knit community, where every player is treated in a personalized way. Great group of coaches, flexible hours, and great opportunities for both children and adults. The Mt. Zion community consistently proves to be very knowledgeable, ethical, and professional

- By Meghan Perkins.

I cannot say enough amazing things about Mt. Zion Tennis Academy. After moving to Mt. Zion, my son who was seven at the time began taking tennis lessons with them. I simply wanted him to have some kind of extracurricular activity to take up his free time. In the end, he gained so much more. My son is currently eight and is still taking his tennis lessons. He absolutely loves it. I will definitely continue encouraging him to continue his lessons.

- By Alan Donnelly.

My wife and I absolutely love Mt. Zion Tennis Academy. Our child’s instructor is by far the most patient person I have met. He is great with kids. I appreciate the fact that the facility gives us the opportunity to attend his lessons. We are happy, grateful, and excited to have discovered Mt. Zion Tennis Academy.

- By Agwe Smith.

What a great team of coaches and staff members. I loved tennis growing up – sports in general really. I believe sports is an activity that brings families and the community together and I wanted my daughter to experience it. While she did not welcome the idea of playing tennis at first, my daughter now loves it. In just a few short months, she has dramatically improved her shots and techniques. Communication is effective. I would highly recommend Mt. Zion to anyone who wishes their child to get out on the court.

- By Aaron Campbell.

The tennis coaches at Mt. Zion are very polite and have a lot of patience. My kids are enjoying this a lot in this academy and are making good progress. We always have a blast during the lessons. I think the thing I love most is the fact that my kids have had the chance to learn a lot more than just the game. They are more responsible and the after-school study programs have allowed them to greatly improve their academics.

- By Santana Marriott.

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