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Mt. Zion was born out of one man’s dream to provide a creative and positive social outlet for the young people in his community. Delroy Allen, born and raised in Mt. Zion, Jamaica, was a tennis player himself who believed that the game could allow young adults to positively channel their energy, provide a possible future career path, and keep young people off the streets. He hoped to afford young adults the same opportunity he was given – an escape, an opportunity to learn, and the desire to give back. Since our inception, we have introduced hundreds of children to tennis, giving them not only tennis skills but life skills as well. These include values such as integrity, resilience, leadership, teamwork, and excellence. Our training sessions are categorized based on different age and skill levels so that they meet our players at their experience levels. In addition, we offer after-school workshops where students receive assistance with their studies. While we might have started small, we foresee a future where we will be a major force for development in our community and the region at large.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to instill discipline and build responsible leaders on the court, in the classroom, and in the community by providing recreational and competitive tennis instruction and academic assistance for the youth of Mt. Zion and surrounding communities. We create an enriching environment where young adults can learn, grow, and have fun with others. 


 Ultimately, we hope to:

● Promote tennis as a viable career/profession

● Use tennis as a vehicle for social and economic enrichment

● Enable students to obtain tennis scholarships abroad

● Develop a love for tennis and uncover possible champions (to have a US Open champion from Jamaica within 10-15 years)

● Provide special instruction and academic assistance to struggling children in the area

● Provide a safe and nurturing environment for the youths of Mt. Zion and surrounding communities

Part of our efforts to provide opportunity for young adults includes an emphasis on encouraging and supporting girls, who have historically lacked representation in Jamaican tennis. Growing up as a ball boy at Half Moon hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica,  Delroy never saw any ball girls, and when looking at Jamaican tennis coaches today, few are women. Many of Jamaica's tennis players and coaches were ball boys at one point; however, girls were never given this opportunity, and those coming from low-income homes rarely got to play the sport of tennis. The Jamaica Non-Profit Tennis Academy Enrichment Center at Mount Zion is now moving to bridge this gender gap. 

Our vision

Our vision is to train and support youths from Jamaica and open the door to potential tennis careers.

Our values

At Mt. Zion, we recognize the significance of the psychological component of playing tennis. For this reason, we intentionally strive to create a strong culture of core values that we pass on to each child in our program without losing sight of the fact that tennis is a game and players must enjoy it in order to succeed. Our core values are encompassed in five virtues: excellence, teamwork, leadership, integrity, and resilience.

Refine your tennis skills in Montego Bay, Jamaica, under the guidance of Delroy Allen, an accomplished Managing Director at Takuma Boutique Hotel Jamaica and a revered Jamaican and American tennis professional. Delroy, alongside his proficient team, offers an extensive tennis program catering to diverse levels and preferences.

Experience coaching sessions in Mixed Doubles, Ladies Doubles, junior player training, engaging clinics, group lessons, and personalized private sessions at Takuma Boutique Hotel and the Jamaica Nonprofit Tennis Academy and Enrichment Center in Rose Hall Mount Zion, Montego Bay.
Delroy Allen's innovative '1, 2, 3 Tennis System' incorporates three distinctive spin variations, fostering brain cell and muscle memory. This system streamlines shot selection, refining technique seamlessly, allowing players to focus on gameplay without being encumbered by technicalities.Fueled by dedication and hard work, Delroy believes in the boundless potential achievable through commitment—a principle that has steered his success on and off the court.For your next tennis lesson experience during your Montego Bay vacation, contact us via email at and  or call 617-470-8264 or email us at

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